X4 Foundations: Long Range Scan Mode

X4 Foundations: Long Range Scan Mode

How to utilize the Long Range Scan Mode

  1. Press Shift-3 to enter Long Range Scan Mode
  2. Hold down the R or L key (fire secondary weapon) and listen to the charge.┬áThe longer you hold the charge the farther it scans however if you hold down too long the scan won’t do anything. If you do it correctly a pulse of teal will fly out around you.purplecircle
  3. Now you can listen or see various objects appear and get highlighted as the pulse hits them.
  4. The pulse looks to only shoot out from the front 180 degrees of the ship so make sure to scan at least twice from a location to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  5. What you’re mostly looking for is Purple circles to appear.
  6. Fly towards the purple pulsing circles and keep occasionally scanning until you come to the target. You know you’re really close when the purple takes over the entire screen basically.
  7. Once at the objective you’ll reach all sorts of different types of outcomes, see the list below.
  • Helpful Tip: Utilize 3rd person view to really see around your ship and not be hampered by the interior layout. You can do this by hitting F2 on your keyboard. Press F1 to switch back to first person.


Data Vault

  • These data vaults usually contain some basic loot and a data leak of some sort.statusok
  1. When you reach a Data Vault you’ll want to leave your ship and get into your space suit (talk to the panel behind cockpit).
  2. Go up to the mini station and shoot the panels(repair) until they turn green and say STATUS OK. Usually only takes 1-2 shots. If nothing is happening you may be too far away.
    • Bug: There seems to be a rare case where you can’t repair a Data Vault at all. Currently known why this is, seems unintentional at this time so classifying it as a bug.
  3. Be aware that some panels once they turn green open up new areas with new panels that need to be repaired.
  4. Loot/Data may be revealed and in which case you need to touch it while in your space suit. Your ship can’t pull it in like dropped cargo.


Travel Anomaly

  • Utilizing a travel anomaly will send you through space to a very distant location.travelanomoly
  • Be aware this is a one way trip and so you may go somewhere you do not what to be so definitely suggest saving before hand.
  1. Trying to find the Anomaly can be a bit difficult since its hard to see. When its hit by the pulse it only stays highlighted for a little bit before it becomes transparent again. The picture below shows when highlighted.
  2. Once you get close enough to the Anomaly just fly through it at a great speed. Typically just a single boost for a second or two is more than enough.
  3. Enjoy being on the other side.



  • They contain goodies inside! Missions will sometimes have you open them.lockbox
  1. During a long range scan these will appear but not as big purple pulses but instead small grey ones.
    • Since finding them quite difficult and you likely scan them all the time just keep an eye on your small radar while you fly around. If you notice a white ? appearing not related to anything, good chance its a lockbox.
  2. To open you need to shoot the lock, do the lightest attack you have right on the lock icon itself as seen in the picture.
    • Failure to hit the lock piece but instead hit the box area causes it to to destroy the lockbox and all the contents inside. Not confirmed on this yet but does seem to be the case.
  3. Once fired upon correctly loot will appear and the lockbox’s lock will be replaced with sparks.


Finding Stations

  • You land on these.
  1. When doing your long range scanning you may not find purples but you may find super out of the way stations.unknownstation
  2. They’ll look like grey pulsing circles very briefly when you find them so they maybe hard to notice while flying the ship.
  3. The good news is though the game automatically puts them on your map as a point of interest to fly to as seen in the picture.





  • They go boom. Not much more is needed to be said other than I would recommend not flying through a mine field. They also can appear in close groupings around ships that are stuck and surrounded by them. A nearby mission will likely give you a nice reward for making them disappear.lotsofmines

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