X4 Foundations: How to build a station

X4 Foundations: How to build a station

Building a Station

  1. Get a builder (ship) from a shipyard.
  2. Find plot of space to build on (or select it for a certain quest line).
  3. Design the station or part of a station you want built.
  4. Give Credits or Deliver Wares to the builder to start building.
  5. Wait a bit for it to be built and then enjoy your new station!


Getting a Builder

  1. Before attempting to get a Builder, make sure to have about 16,000,000 Credits otherwise you’ll unlikely be able to order one.Shipyard Builder
  2. Find a shipyard which those allow you to build Size XL ships unlike Wharfs which are small and medium size ships. Systems: Stations currently known to build these size ships below.
    • Eighteen Billion: MIN Teladi Shipyard
    • Profit Center Alpha: TEL Teladi Shipyard
    • Trinity Sanctum III: PAR Paranid Shipyard
    • Holy Vision: HOP Paranid Shipyard
  3. After selecting a Shipyard and the builder option in the drop-downs you can also select the Loadout (Minimum Preset).
    • Would recommend you add in at least a shield if you select minimum preset. Shields are always useful and cheap enough.
    • If you do not select a loadout, make sure to add Building Drones (10-20) otherwise your builder can’t build.
  4. Now click Add to shopping list
    • If the station is currently short on parts which sometimes they are you’ll see it in the Order Status window just above the Confirm Order button. Some parts can take over a real time hour to refill in a station in which case would recommend buying your builder somewhere else.
  5. Click Confirm Order. It’ll take about 10-15 minutes before your builder has been built.


Buying a Plot of Space

  1. Now unless you’ve been given a plot specifically to use you’ll need to purchase a lot before you can actually build somewhere.
  2. Open up your Map.
  3. Click the Manage Plots selection on the far left.
  4. Click Create new plot
    Manage Plots
  5. This will give you a small green multiple cube icon to place on the map somewhere. Click to place it, after which an icon will be placed upon it. It will be given an name automatically but you can change this later.
    Plot Placement
  6. Now purchase a plot license then click continue. You may not purchase one but as the warning says, it’ll be seen as a hostile act, how fun!Buy Plot License
  7. You now own a plot of space!


Building the Station

  1. Once you’ve bought a plot of space you’ll need to assign a builder before you can finally start building.
  2. To do this, right click on your plot which now has an icon on it and click Plan Build.
  3. Now click Assign or Hire a Builder and right click your builder in the list of builders you may have and Select. If you do not see your builder listed, zoom out on the map.Select a Builder
  4. Next you’ll want to design your station. Its easiest to first start with a few piece like the dock and then expand the station later from there. In this quick example we’re just going to place and buy the 1M6S Basic Dock Area. All you need to do is click and then place in the highlighted yellow area where you want the dock to be.
    Station DockStation Dock Placement
  5. After you’ve designed your initial station setup you’ll want to either Confirm module changes to start immediately or add Available money for construction like in the following step and then confirm the changes. You only need money if you plan to buy wares from other NPCs instead of delivering the wares yourself.Station Available Credits
  6. To add money, expand the Manage buy offers for needed resources in the right hand pane. At the bottom drag the very bottom scroll above the confirm button to the right to add credits. See picture for example.
  7. Once everything looks good then click Confirm. Now your builder will spend your credits or wait for wares to build the station you designed.
  8. Once you’ve confirmed a builder whether or not you did step 6, they will head on out and expand themselves. A nearby temporary docking place will spawn for NPCs to drop wares off to once the builder has expanded.
    Builder Expanded
  9. Now watch your station build!

    Station Partly Built

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why won’t my builder build? They have credits and wares and yet won’t build!
    • Sounds like you maybe missing Building Drones. Without these the builder can’t build.
  • Why is my builder taking 1,000,000 years to get to my plot? They are going in the wrong direction!
    • The AI is a bit weird with the builders and they are slow. What you can do to speed things up is land on the builder with a small ship, pilot it, utilize the travel mode to go fast in it and take the short path possible.
  • I don’t have many modules to build when designing a station, how do I get more?
    • You need to unlock the pieces of stations that you want. You can do this in two ways.
      1. Buy blueprints from faction leader NPCs.
      2. Fly around already built stations and unlock the information by scanning data leaks with scanning mode (Shift-2). This sometimes lead to just a discount and not a unlock.
      3. Research.
  • How do I rotate modules?
    • First place down the module you wish to rotate anywhere.
      • Free rotate: Right-click and hold to rotate it in any direction.
      • Angle snapping rotate: Hold down shift while also holding right-click.


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